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The question I get asked more than any is, "How do you feel?" or in another form, "How are you doing?" I know there's a part of us that want the truth, but I think we also have a little spot in our heads (and our hearts) that says, "Please just let it be good news." Bad news is scary, but for a cancer patient, it is vital that we be able to talk about the "scary" as well as the positive.

So I'm here to answer any question you may have in the most honest and diplomatic words possible. It's important to me not to offend anyone who comes across this blog, but I want to also be as forthcoming as possible, so that those who are just starting their battle with cancer will have a small understanding of what may lie ahead, and so that those who are helping a friend or loved one will be able to do so with a little more knowledge than they might have had otherwise.


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    If you've read much on this blog of mine, you'll realize that I am simply jotting down things that I find interesting or worthy of not forgetting (which is a common occurrence for a chemo patient).

    There are many women (and men) who are going through similar experiences, either through a friend or family member's cancer, or their own.

    This area is a place to share your thoughts, or ask a question to which anyone perusing this blog may comment. I hope it will build a network of caring and friendship between all who enter here.


    July 2012