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Alex with his kids and nieces at the Aquarium.
Five of our seven grandkids enjoying an outing to the aquarium. The eldest (Dylan) and the youngest (Noah) are missing. Top two are Nate and Abigail (Alex's). The three on the bottom are Molly (Ryan's), Aria (Melodie's), and Alyrie (Ryan's).
I love this time of year. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it has to do with the beautiful colors, or it may be because my birthday is in the Fall, or maybe I just always loved coloring jack-o-lanterns as a kid. Whatever the reasons I had once upon a time, today my love of Autumn has nothing to do with Halloween. It has everything to do with the change in seasons, the smell in the air, the crisp mornings and warm spots where the sun comes through the window shades and brightens a room, and the drive through the colorful mountains that surround us here in Utah.

This particular Autumn we have many reasons to be happy. We have had Alex and his family visiting for almost a week now, and it has been so much fun! Baby Noah has been adorable, naturally, and Nate and Abby have been so fun to hug and play with. They have had a busy schedule, hitting all of the attractions. I'm not strong enough to walk all over, but I would love to have been able to go a time or two. Maybe next time...

For two months now, I've been trying to put up with the Tykerb. It has been the hardest treatment for me yet. My doc is surprised by this, stating that most people don't have such a bad time with its side-effects. I've decided that only the people who have bad side-effects report about them on the internet, because I couldn't find anyone who said they had no, or even few, side-effects. I won't repeat them, but suffice it to say mine haven't changed. My doc has gone so far as to give me a prescription for some cockamamie white liquid that is supposed to increase my appetite. I am speechless (and that's a feat, for me). What woman wants to take a medication to increase her appetite? He claims I need the nourishment, but I am not interested in food, and really don't want to waste time eating it. Steve bought it, but so far, I haven't used it. Don't tell my doctor! I'll confess in three weeks.

We've found a new rental place that's closer to Steve's work, our parents, and the doctor's offices. Nothing spectacular, but it will work for us. It's got 6 beds and 3 baths with a small formal living room and a good sized family room with good space for our big table. It will work for us for the time being. I'm looking forward to shorter drives to the hospital/docs. Aria's new school is 5 houses away, which will make life easier for Melodie. Our plan is to move during the last two weeks of October, since our landlords insisted upon making us pay through the 31st, and the new place needs to rent beginning on the 15th of October. Very expensive for us, but may be more convenient in the long run. I've got to find the energy to start packing boxes now.

Enjoy your last days of warm weather, and savor the beauties of the Fall colors. I hope it fills you with joy, just as it does me.
Driving the Alpine Loop with a detour on the Timpanooke Road. So fun!
Oh, I forgot to memtion that I had a PET scan and a few other tests last Friday, and my doc tells me everything looks really good, other than some major fat deposits on my liver, which we cannot imagine the origin of. It seems to have caused a shadow on my PET scan that made the radiologist worry enough to make me come back to the hospital for a bunch of blood tests and and an MRI on the liver. Anyhow, it's nothing to worry about, the doc says, so I am not worrying - just thought you might like to know. All other spots are either completely inactive, or only mildly showing up on the scan. I can feel a little pain in my sternum, which is one of those spots that glows a bit on the PET scan, but the left hip, where there is also some slight activity, doesn't hurt at all.

Just to let you know, if you don't already, my sister, Jeanmarie, is getting her hair back! She says the color is coming in darker, and more salt and pepper-y than it was before. She has about a half inch or better of growth. She is leaving me in the dust - I am still completely bald! Can't wait to see her without a wig on!