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Ever since I was young I have loved to travel. I think my mom and dad instilled a curiousity for learning about the unknown at an early age. Dad would pile us all in the car on a Sunday afternoon, and often, with no destination in mind, we would set off on a leisurely drive. Dad would take us up in the mountains, to the Great Salt Lake, or sometimes, just to the airport to watch the planes take off and land. It was a grand way to teach a child about the world they live in, and I looked forward to these drives with great anticipation.

My parents loved to travel, and would take all eight of their children on trips that I'm not sure I would have attempted, had I been them. They also traveled with friends and siblings, leaving us kids home to be attended to by our Grammy Lou. We loved it when Grammy came. She loved to eat tacos, and popcorn, and sometimes she would even let us sleep with her. This turned out to be a mixed blessing, as she snored so loudly! But I digress...

My first "real" job after high school was at a travel agency, and by this time, I had the bug pretty bad. Lucky for me, I married a man who worked at the same travel agency, and he loved travel and adventure as much as I did. Steve's work, for many years, kept him in the air and out of town, and as a result, we were able to travel for pleasure many times for very little money. At first, I would go with him to exotic places like Huntsville, Alabama, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Later, as his work took him to Europe, I was lucky enough to tag along there, as well.

Although Steve doesn't travel for business any longer, we still try to find adventure in traveling. We like to go back to Europe every three or four years, and in between those big trips, we enjoy short weekend jaunts to surrounding states, as the opportunity arises. On some of our trips I have kept a journal of events. Some of these are more eventful than others, and some were less wonderful than others (Sicily, for instance), but if you like to travel, you might find something of interest in the following pages.

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    I love to travel! One of the best parts about traveling is the abundance of beauty that can be captured through photographs, which I happen to love taking.


    June 2012