Traces - One artist's Breast Cancer Journey. Finding wellness through art, writing, photography, and travel.

From the age of twelve, stories, photos, and genealogy of those who came before have 
fascinated me. What made people do the things they did, and where did they get the will to do it? People and their individualism have always interested me, and this infatuation was nowhere more evident than in my desire to find and relate to my ancestors. I wanted to know them, not just find facts that would fill a pedigree chart. I wanted to understand the environments in which they lived, learn of the struggles under which they toiled, and discover what their daily lives were like. Understanding something about my ancestors has driven me to create artwork that includes and celebrates various aspects of their lives. Within each is a hidden message to the person about whom the box was created.


all that is left of my existence are a few trinkets, words scribbled on paper,
and pieces of art, I want my descendents to know what was important to me.  I want this body of work to capture a
slice of history, when this ordinary family I was blessed to be a part of was
busy making their small mark on the world, and in so doing, created a legacy for
those who would follow.

  the traces of their existence I make sense of my own.


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    July 2012