Traces - One artist's Breast Cancer Journey. Finding wellness through art, writing, photography, and travel.
The following pages are essays I've written as a form of personal expression, or in an attempt to remember something that is important to me. I've found that some of my memories are fading or slipping as time goes by, and who knows what will happen to them with the radiation therapy I have to undergo in the future. I want my grandchildren to know something about me other than the fact that I was the grandma without hair who sat around in her house dress or pj's and slippers.

I'm not the only one who should be writing things down, you know. All of you have family or friends who would love to read your stories, and the more you share, the easier it becomes. Don't I sound just like Confucious? I believe he and I are kindred spirits, mainly because our body types are very similar.

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    Most of these essays were written in the early 2000s. Since they are mostly based upon my memory, there is no guarantee that they are accurate. I may remember events very differently than others, even if we experienced the same events at the same time. To you who might find errors in my recollections, I apologize. Let's just chalk it up to "artistic license", shall we?


    June 2012