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This past week has been one of 2-fers. The first was so much fun, but I wasn't feeling well, and couldn't thoroughly enjoy it as much as I had hoped. We spent the Labor Day weekend with Lisa and Andy, on a quick trip to Southern Utah. We left on the morning of August 31st. I had spent the morning sick to my stomach, and hoping it would go away before Lisa and Andy got to Lehi.

It was great weather, and we had a nice drive to Ivins, Utah, where we were renting a house from Lisa's cousin. We went to both plays now showing at Tuacahn, Aladdin and Hairspray. Our seats for Aladdin were awful (mine was a foot and a half away from Steve, and he was about that far away from Lisa. These seats also had no arm rests, so as I wearied during the first half of the show, I had no way to lean on Steve's shoulder. I was thoroughly exhausted by the time the show ended, and I looked forward to its end all during the second half.

The next night, we saw Hairspray, and it was really well done. The choruses of both casts (I suppose they are the same people in both shows) were so incredible! Absolutely beautiful to listen to. Andrew was bored silly throughout Hairspray. His prerogative, of course. I liked it better than Aladdin, but I think it was more because of the seats than anything else. However, I don't think I should attend any more plays until I am feeling well, as I found myself wishing it would just end about halfway through, just as I had the night before. So sorry to any cast members I have just insulted. It's just me. 

I took my camera, and didn't take a single photo. Lisa didn't even take hers! So there is not a single photograph to prove any of the above is true. I could just be making it all up! You'll never know.

2-fer Doctor Special

I had a doctor visit with my oncologist early on Tuesday morning. He told me I could lower my dose of Tykerb to see if perhaps the side effects would be more manageable. Afterwards, I had another MRI on my brain. When that pleasantry was over we went to have some lunch, since we had time to kill. After lunch, we went back to Huntsman to see my radiology neurolgist, and he gave us the happy news that all of the brain lesions (tumors) are all shrunken down to the point of being hard to even see where they once were. They no longer represent a threat, so we will wait 3 more months, rinse, and repeat - hopefully with the same results.

The three Tykerb are far more agreeable than four, and after just two days on the lower dose, I am feeling so much better. Still itching, a little stomach upset, and a little nausea, but far less than before. I actually accomplished polishing my poor neglected furniture, which was quite a feat, for me. Three pieces of furniture, three Tykerb pills. Three might be the charm.